Diana Jue-Rajasingh

The Countdown

Posted in Essmart, Faith, India, Personal by Diana on May 23, 2016

After nearly four years of living and working in India, I’ll be heading back to the US (along with my husband) to start a new chapter as a PhD student at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Although I’ve been living the social enterprise start-up life, it has honestly been taking a toll. I have a lot to unpack from my experiences on the ground, but I require the space to do this in an analytical and unbiased way. Being an entrepreneur provides very little space to question the work that we do (because I’m perpetually projecting “We are awesome, give us money!”), but my research-oriented mind tends to be more critical. Of course, I still believe in Essmart’s mission and its operations, and I’ll still be involved to some degree and through research, but I need the renewed perspective and refreshment of taking a step back.

My husband and I have about two more months left in Bangalore. I’m already starting the countdown to our departure. One of my Echoing Green chaplains said that instead of sprinting to the finish line, I should consider taking a “cool down” instead. Honestly, that term just justifies what I’ve been feeling already. By the time I leave, all of my responsibilities have to be handed off to other people, and I should effectively be doing nothing.

Additionally, the chaplain mentioned that I should be intentional about honoring the years that I’ve spent here, which have been life-changing for me. The Lord has been incredibly faithful, providing an excellent home-away-from-home through a new family (through my husband and his), a church family, and my Essmart family. I’ve learned a ridiculous amount — how to lead in a style that suits me in professional and faith/church-related settings, how to open my life and home to more people in a way that’s sustainable, how to think more about business, how to cook a number of foods from scratch, and so much more. There is so much to honor, and there are so many people to honor. I cannot easily leave this place, and for this I am thankful.


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